Boom beach – Will it be more popular then Clash of clans?



For my first post I have something special for you. I am bringing you review on Boom beach – New game from Supercell  – The same company that made Clash of Clans,which quick become one of the most popular games ever. Both games are for mobile devices and this is why we are doing review on our site. They are both similar,multiplayer online game,and you need to build armies and to beat your enemies. So what is difference? Well…truth being said,there isn’t really that much of a difference. Boom beach is newer version,and with that it is better. Gameplay is a little bit different,but still they are very similar. Also Boom beach have better graphic and more options then clash of clans.


Goal in this game is to beat other players and be better then them,and to do this you are going to need resources. There are 3 most common used resources in this game,and they are: Diamonds,coins and wood. They are not so hard to get,but still you need to spend some time looking for them,and doing side missions in order to get more of them. You can also try to use boom beach hack if you want. With this tool you can add free coinds and diamonds. Please keep in mind that this won’t make you a pro player,and that you need time and experience to be better at boom beach.


All in all,boom beach is next generations game for mobiles phone with android and windows. We are yet to see what Supercell have to offer us next time and what next game is going to be. For now they made 3 games. They probably made more but only these 3 games are popular,and next to clash of clans and boom beach one more popular game is hay day. Hay day is farming game,and to be honest I didn’t really try it,but I do think it is nice game. I watched gameplayes on youtube and it seems nice if you are into that kind of stuff! For now hay day is kind of more popular than boom beach,but that is just for now,we are expecting that new game from super cell becomes much more popular than their ancestors.


Do you play any of these three games and what is your opinion about them? Feel free to comment below. For more information about boom beach feel free to visit their official site by clicking here.