Clash of Kings Hack & Game-Play

Officially released on January 16, 2015 by Elex, Inc., Clash of Kings, a real-time strategy MMORPG game app created for Android tablets and smartphones as well as iOS (Apple) smartphones and iPads is available for download via or Similar to Age of Empires, in this fun and exciting game app, your focus is to collect necessary resources, gold, and other vital items to facilitate the effective defense of your empire. Your ultimate goal is to build, establish, and maintain the strongest empire possible. Further, in this game you are battling for ultimate control of seven fantasy kingdoms. You will engage other players in battle with your army, which you have built to your specifications.


Alliances are vital when playing Clash of Kings. Alliances are groups of players that team up to aid each other in game-play. Alliance members assist one another by helping to build buildings and provide reinforcements. Alliances also add to social enjoyment among friends who are also Clash of Kings enthusiasts. You can play together and meet new friends online using your mobile device while embroiled in game-play!

hack for clash of kings

The Clash of Kings game app is free to play for Android devices, but costs $.99 for a one-time download fee to play the game forever on iOS (Apple) devices. Although its free or less than a dollar to download in the case of Clash of Kings for iOS, to advance quickly in game-play, purchasing gold is very helpful in moving things along. To acquire gold for free, you can opt to simply play the game frequently or share game actions on social networks such as Facebook. You can also buy gold via the game app, but by far, the most effective way to gain gold is by means of Clash of Kings cheats and hacks to advance in game-play.


Clash of Kings online tool and hacks can also help you to acquire resources your empire needs for its armies such as food, wood, iron, and mithrill. offers an anti-ban feature, which is a nice safeguard against any banning that can destroy your game process and make you have to start all over again. Another neat Clash of Kings cheat feature offered on this site is called instant build. It allows you access to instantly built buildings upon initial game-play. You can then focus more sharply on the strategy portion of the game when you have ample gems, gold, elixir, food, iron, wood, and mithrill among other items you won’t need to think about if you have a decent supply! is reputable and offers a Clash of Kings hack tool for download, which is safe for your device. To download this useful Clash of Kings cheat, simply click on the “Download Now” button and follow the clearly illustrated instructions. Its simple, safe, and free!


New app for mobile phones that will allow you to track down your friends!

These days cyber bullying has become popular. The days of insulting face to face are gone, why say it out loud when you can hide behind your keyboard? Even worse than bullying at times are the perverts, or people who ask questions that are none of their business. has become a popular site for teenagers and young adults, but it unintentionally caters to bullies, and perverts. allows people to ask anonymous questions. Originally meant as a way to “break the ice”, or provide entertainment, it’s now a way for bullies to strike with no way of ever being caught. With no fear of consequences what starts out as simple teasing can quickly escalate to viscious torment. Aside from deleting your Ask.Fm account, what can you do?


AskfmThis is where the tracker for comes in, but does it really work? Before we can decipher if it works or not, we have to fully uderstand what it is and whst it does. Ask.Fm Tracker is a program designed to unmask the anonymous person of your choice. Giving you full ability to know exactly who that person is. How does it do that? Every time you, or anyone logs into Ask.Fm the website server holds onto a few key pieces of information. This allows the website to know exactly who you are and what information to show you. Among these key pieces of information is your IP Address, or Internet Provider Address. Your IP Address is unique to your internet connection source. This set of information is called your “foot print” and is left behind on every Ask.Fm page you submit content to.

The Ask.Fm Tracker program has been designed to take bits of information from that annonymous footprint on your page and reveal who it really is that is posting on your page. The Ask.Fm tracker does this by capturing the ip address that was used to post the content and finding the Ask.Fm account which last used that ip address. The program then provides you with the ip address and user name of the poster.

default page

To download this tool you must complete a survey, The download is free and so is the survey. The survey is the only downside to it.

My conclusion to this survey is, Yes this program works, the design of this program is written in a style similar to programs used by hackers. It does what it is intended to do.

Pros: It’s free

It works

Stop being bullied

Cons: You must complete a short offer to download.

Anyway I am sure that you will enjoy it so go ahead and try it

New hack for new android game called “head soccer”

First of all visit this channel to see head soccer game in action!
If you’re not like me, you haven’t been spending the last week or so playing Head Soccer, and if you’re not like me, you have no idea what Head Soccer is. For those of you unfortunate enough to not know, Head Soccer is an app game for mobile devices like iPhone and Android phones. It’s addicting and fun. In Head Soccer, you choose from one of 49 different avatars and play against rival soccer teams. Each avatar that you can choose from have their own unique look and signature shot that guarantees the winning goal. It’s one of those free to play, pay to win games that are all the rage these days. But why on earth would you want to pay real world money for a game when it’s already free to download and just needs time to unlock everything? What if you could get everything you wanted from the game immediately without paying a cent? Well, if you follow these instructions, you’ll have yourself a Head Soccer hack at your disposal for free! It’s simple, first go to official website. Then what you’ll do is plug in your mobile device to your computer. This head soccer online hack is hosted on a private server online so you won’t be detected and you won’t get any malware. Pretty great, huh? When your phone is connected, you’ll need to enter your username at the top of the screen, then let the hack find your account. When it does it’ll prompt you to enter in the amount of coins you want to unlock the 49 avatars. Enter the amount, and when you do, click “connect” and you’re ready to go! The hack will input the coins automatically and once it does, you’re free to use them however you like! Now that you have this head soccer cheat in your arsenal, you’ll be unstoppable on the soccer field! So what are you waiting for? Get your head soccer online hack today! If you don’t have game and you still want to download hack soccer app for android you can do this by clicking here

Boom beach – Will it be more popular then Clash of clans?



For my first post I have something special for you. I am bringing you review on Boom beach – New game from Supercell  – The same company that made Clash of Clans,which quick become one of the most popular games ever. Both games are for mobile devices and this is why we are doing review on our site. They are both similar,multiplayer online game,and you need to build armies and to beat your enemies. So what is difference? Well…truth being said,there isn’t really that much of a difference. Boom beach is newer version,and with that it is better. Gameplay is a little bit different,but still they are very similar. Also Boom beach have better graphic and more options then clash of clans.


Goal in this game is to beat other players and be better then them,and to do this you are going to need resources. There are 3 most common used resources in this game,and they are: Diamonds,coins and wood. They are not so hard to get,but still you need to spend some time looking for them,and doing side missions in order to get more of them. You can also try to use boom beach hack if you want. With this tool you can add free coinds and diamonds. Please keep in mind that this won’t make you a pro player,and that you need time and experience to be better at boom beach.


All in all,boom beach is next generations game for mobiles phone with android and windows. We are yet to see what Supercell have to offer us next time and what next game is going to be. For now they made 3 games. They probably made more but only these 3 games are popular,and next to clash of clans and boom beach one more popular game is hay day. Hay day is farming game,and to be honest I didn’t really try it,but I do think it is nice game. I watched gameplayes on youtube and it seems nice if you are into that kind of stuff! For now hay day is kind of more popular than boom beach,but that is just for now,we are expecting that new game from super cell becomes much more popular than their ancestors.


Do you play any of these three games and what is your opinion about them? Feel free to comment below. For more information about boom beach feel free to visit their official site by clicking here.